Take Your Fitness Outdoors with Cabana


Let’s face it sometimes staying committed to a workout plan can be daunting. Well, it can be equally hard or even harder when attempting to stick to your fitness routine far away from home.

What if you ditched your traditional routine of working out in the hotel gym and made it a little bit more interesting? If you are on the road trying something like glamping or Cabana will allow you to keep your outdoor adventure not only interesting but comfortable too. Cabana gives you a hotel-like experience from the convenience of a built-out Ford Transit. And now with Recess as their fitness partner, you can get in free workouts while on the road and outside. 

In fact, there is a lot of scientific research that supports the benefits of working out outdoors.

  • It improves memory
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Can alter your mood for the better
  • Increases your intake of Vitamin D
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With nature at your fingertips, movement options are endless. Recess spoke with Doug Milliron a Yoga Teacher and movement enthusiast.  He has been leading people through their yoga practice for 6 years and taught over 2,000 classes. Doug’s approach to movement play, with inspired themes, is perfect for the outdoors. Continuing reading to learn more about his technique when taking fitness into nature.

Recess: What is the hardest part about working outside on the road?

Doug Milliron (DM): The 2 big ones are:

  • Be Flexible with your workouts. They are not going to be the same as the ones at your home or gym but you can still break a sweat. You can also have fun doing it.
  • You are not ruining the vacation by working out.  A lot of the time we think that when we travel we should not work out. The thought process may be we are on vacation so let's be lazy and have fun. Eat, drink and be merry. That still can happen but it's also possible to do some movement during any trip.

Recess: How can someone get inspired to create an effective workout on the road?

DM: Don’t change what you like to do normally, just incorporate it into your travels. Love to run or bike while you are there. Schedule in a run or rent a bike for a few hours as a way to see the city or landscape differently. Perhaps you prefer to weightlift? Try visiting a small local gym and ask for a day pass, get in a workout and talk with some of the locals.

Recess: If someone is planning on making fitness a part of their Cabana trip what three things should they pack (Ex. resistance bands, yoga mat, etc...)

DM: I want to give you two options. First things you can bring to add movement to your travels and then secondly things you can find most places in case you forgot your stuff.

Option 1:

  • Yoga Mat - A high-quality Travel Yoga mat is fantastic. I love Lululemons.
  • Resistance bands - Most people have a set so take them. Cheap, lightweight, and durable.
  • Portable Speaker - When not listening to your surroundings, good tunes make everyone want to move.

Option 2:

  • Borrow a beach towel instead of a yoga mat from your hotel or resort.
  • Use a belt or a rope for a deeper stretch, you can also use it for a variety of pull workouts.
  • A set of small hand towels to use as sliders for abs/legs/chest.


Recess: What is the biggest takeaway from adding movement to your road trip?

DM: Movement helps to deepen your physical connection to your travels. There is a significant difference between visiting a view via a car as opposed to hiking to see that same vantage point. You may have the same picture but one photo will have much more to it than the other. You will have a story about the journey as much as the destination. In addition, if you are a big mover normally, then it's nice to have something you are accustomed to doing in places that may feel unfamiliar. Practicing yoga during travels is one of my fondest memories because I can revisit them when I am on my mat.

So if you are feeling hesitant about working out on your next road trip, don’t! There are plenty of reasons why you should be doing it or at least giving it a try.


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