Halloween Recipes

The fall season brings on fun activities like apple picking, outdoor hikes, and everything pumpkin spice!  It also reminds us of Halloween! Whether you like to dress up or not, this time of year can be fun for all ages. For those that may be stressing out about the weight gain, the comes with consuming all the candy you can put those thoughts on the back burner. Why? The desire to crave sweets is completely natural.

“Halloween and holiday sweet cravings may be uniquely influenced by seasonal changes, too. Studies show that as days get shorter and we are exposed to less sunshine, serotonin levels drop and this leads to increased carbohydrate cravings in susceptible people,” says Katherine Tallmadge, Personalized Nutritionist, author, speaker, and counselor.

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Breathwork: How To Get Started

Are you looking for new ways to release stress and tension in your life? How about Breathwork? Maybe you have heard the term used before but don’t know exactly what it is or how to get started. Breathwork supports challenges that we all face regularly especially stress. It can also offer a sense of peace, clarity, and gratitude. If you are working through any time type of trauma or emotional blocks, breathwork can be a great solution.  It’s also been known to help with:

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Back to School For All

This back-to-school season this year is unlike any other.  With some parts of the world going back to completely virtual and other parts in person or hybrid there is a sense of relief and uncertainty. Needless to say, back to school has taken on a different meaning than in the past. As we transition into fall it doesn’t only affect the kids and the teachers but the parents too. Nicole Seawell of Sailor’s Sweet Life reminds us that beginnings are filled with energy so it’s important to harness that energy as the excitement for the new school year instead of the anxiety of the unknown.

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TABATA VS HIIT: The pros and cons of both.

Varying your workouts have a number of benefits that include avoiding boredom, preventing overuse injury, and it can also help you reach your exercise goals. When it comes to quick and effective workouts there are two well-known formats that you can choose from that can add variety to your regular routine. Tabata and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) have been a popular option for gym-goers that are looking to increase the intensity of their workouts, challenge themselves and boost their metabolism.

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New Runners Are On The Rise In 2020 And 2021

Running can offer both mental and physical health benefits which proved to be true in recent times.  In a  RunRepeat study addressing the running boom during the pandemic the survey revealed that out of 3,961 runners, 28.76% of current runners are “new-pandemic runners” that began over the past year. The study also found that motivation for running has changed, physical health is the primary motivation for 72% of new-pandemic runners.

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10 Fitness Classes To Take Outside This Summer

There is no better time than the summertime to take some of your favorite indoor workouts outside. Switching up how and where you work out can offer a resurgence of commitment and excitement. It also allows for the opportunity to work out when away from home virtually or in person.

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