What It Means To Be a Fit Mom

Putting wellness at the top of the priority list not only takes commitment it takes you putting yourself first. As a mother this is not always an easy task, it can easily slip through the cracks when you are busy taking care of everyone else.  What it means to be a fit mom can look differently for so many of us. For some, it’s just the ability to move a few times a week while for others it might mean weaving in fitness during some quality time with the kids. However it may look to you, there is no right or wrong way to embrace the title fit mama!

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6 Ways to Adapt Your Workouts to Meet Your Needs

Struggling to get moving because of disability, injury, or other health concerns? As of 2018, Over 10% of people over the age of 20 in the USA have a disability. On top of that, many of us are dealing with chronic pain, injuries, and other barriers preventing us from feeling like we are at the top of our game. This week, we uncover different ways to get moving so you can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle in spite of any setbacks.

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