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Nadia Murdock

Nadia Murdock is a successful lifelong entrepreneur, author, fitness writer, expert, and mom. Nadia’s education and experience in the interlocking battle of health and psychology fuel her mission and purpose to motivate others into adapting a self-positive mindset leading to healthier choices and body confidence. Nadia’s ‘Train Your Mind, Change Your Body’ philosophy is echoed in her content (writing, interviews, social media, newsletter, videos, press commentary) and digital footprint. Her robust portfolio leading the charge to help women take charge over their minds and bodies extends over a decade. Instagram:

5 Asian American Fitness Accounts to follow

When you are scrolling social media how do you decide who to follow vs who not to follow? It’s probably a good idea to be selective with the content you digest for a number of mental health reasons. The average user worldwide as of 2022 spends about 147 minutes per day scrolling their social feeds. With that being said why not make sure the people you are following are inspiring and motivational?

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Safe Workouts Pre and Post Natal

There is no cookie-cutter answer for what is safe when it comes to working out when you are pregnant. The same rules apply for postpartum, the reason is simple; every pregnancy is different.  For some women, exercising during pregnancy can be scary - there is still this idea that working out while pregnant can increase your risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, or early delivery. This is not the case, but keep in mind that every situation is different, so you want to create an open dialogue with your doctor to determine what is the right plan for you. 

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AAPI-Owned Health and Wellness Brands You Should Know

May is American Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI) and there are a few businesses here at Recess that we believe you should know! AAPI embodies a wide range of diverse cultures, with approximately 50 ethnic groups that have connections to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Hawaiian, and other Asian and Pacific Islander ancestries.

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How can Multi-Tasking Disrupt Your Health?

With your regular busy schedule, you are most likely trying to do as much as you can within each day.  Although you may be checking things off your to-do list, you might be causing yourself harm long term. Studies have actually shown that multitasking can reduce your overall performance and efficiency in the task(s) you are trying to complete.

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The pros and cons of working from home

Working from home has its pros and cons when it comes to your overall health. There is the presumption that your stress level is reduced by removing daily commutes and a restricted sleep schedule. Although this may be true in some cases, in other scenarios, stress levels might be elevated with the task of balancing home-life and work-life in one space.

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