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Nadia Murdock

Nadia Murdock is a successful lifelong entrepreneur, author, fitness writer, expert, and mom. Nadia’s education and experience in the interlocking battle of health and psychology fuel her mission and purpose to motivate others into adapting a self-positive mindset leading to healthier choices and body confidence. Nadia’s ‘Train Your Mind, Change Your Body’ philosophy is echoed in her content (writing, interviews, social media, newsletter, videos, press commentary) and digital footprint. Her robust portfolio leading the charge to help women take charge over their minds and bodies extends over a decade. Instagram:

Setting goals shouldn't just be on January 1st

The first of the year can bring a lot of pressure when it comes to goal setting and expectations you may set for yourself with a fresh year ahead. The biggest mistake that most people make is putting too much pressure on themselves with lofty goals. In actuality you don’t need the first of the year to create these goals, you can start anytime. The fitness industry tends to surge during this time of year so those in the field know firsthand what goes into goals and how to make them a regular habit.

"The biggest mistake that most people make is putting too much pressure on themselves with lofty goals."

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Find Space To Move—Without The Pressure To Perform—In 2022

Whether we're trying to make moves in the gym, or even just within our own lives, the mental pressure we may put on ourselves to perform can often keep us from taking that first step.

At Recess, we believe that everyone deserves fitness on their own terms—and their own timing. We also think working out should be a good experience.

So, in 2022, we're going to try setting intentions, instead of goals, for our physical (and mental) health. How can we simply commit to movement, in some way shape or form, everyday?

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Interview with Corey Calliet

Corey Calliet learned at an early stage in life that he had to face his challenges head-on after experiencing adversity growing up in the streets of New Orleans. Learning to never quit on himself pushed him to become an actor and celebrity trainer. He is known for a number of remarkable transformations, his role on the show Revenge Body, and training A-lister Michael B. Jordan. He continues to grow in the fitness space and hopes to continue to help others along the way.

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Interview with Tara Nicolas

Tara Nicolas knows the importance of taking care of your mental health. She is a Nike trainer, Reiki, and Meditation practitioner as well as an actor and dancer. While balancing so much on her plate day to day she discovered her passion for bringing sustainable wellness from the inside out.

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Halloween Recipes

The fall season brings on fun activities like apple picking, outdoor hikes, and everything pumpkin spice!  It also reminds us of Halloween! Whether you like to dress up or not, this time of year can be fun for all ages. For those that may be stressing out about the weight gain, the comes with consuming all the candy you can put those thoughts on the back burner. Why? The desire to crave sweets is completely natural.

“Halloween and holiday sweet cravings may be uniquely influenced by seasonal changes, too. Studies show that as days get shorter and we are exposed to less sunshine, serotonin levels drop and this leads to increased carbohydrate cravings in susceptible people,” says Katherine Tallmadge, Personalized Nutritionist, author, speaker, and counselor.

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Breathwork: How To Get Started

Are you looking for new ways to release stress and tension in your life? How about Breathwork? Maybe you have heard the term used before but don’t know exactly what it is or how to get started. Breathwork supports challenges that we all face regularly especially stress. It can also offer a sense of peace, clarity, and gratitude. If you are working through any time type of trauma or emotional blocks, breathwork can be a great solution.  It’s also been known to help with:

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