The Recess Quick Start Guide for Instructors

The Recess Quick Start Guide is meant to have you up and running in just a matter of minutes. It covers the key features to get going so you can start teaching right away! 

ProTip #1 Use Chrome browser

If you ever need any help you can always join our twice a week Office Hours Tuesday 12pm EST & Thursday 3:00pm EST or join our Onboarding Refresher every Monday 2pm, Wednesday 12pm, and Friday 3pm.

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Start Teaching is as easy as 1...2...3! We will cover here:
1. Update profile
2. Create classes
3. Launch Playground
Bonus Step - FREE $$$

Step 1: Update Profile

Edit and update all of your personal information and details

  1. Click on profile
  2. Upload profile photo 308 x 424
  3. Upload banner photo 1200 x 340
  4. Display name and custom URL
  5. Social handles (e.g., Snap, FB, IG, TikTok, etc.).
  6. You only need to add your handle: e.g., type in we_recess not instagram.com/we_recess.
  7. Payment (Venmo handle)
  8. Your Name in Gray: Your custom instructor page and URL

    ProTip #2 check your social links from your instructor page to make sure they work
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Step 2: Create Classes

Create, edit, cancel recurring schedule: watch Youtube Video

Adding class photo and trailer: watch Youtube Video

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ProTip #3 create a test class to get yourself comfortable with Recess. You can also invite friends and family to take a test class!

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Step 3: Launch Playground

Launch/start the virtual video. This will bring you to your virtual prep space to set up your mat, equipment and lighting. You can perform a sound check to test your audio and music connection.

How to launch a class: watch Youtube Video
Connecting your music: watch Youtube Video 

  • Recording Class: Record only you during class to build on-demand content
  • Grabbing a Snapshot: Take a pic. The pic auto emails to everyone with your IG handle to share on Insta!
  • Changing Settings: Mute all, hide workout card, hide timer, select camera & sound check
  • Start Class: Starting two way video for you and your clients


Protip #4 click all the buttons! Learn where things are and how to use them. We have a lot of features.

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Bonus Step

Refer Your Clients: 
Refer your clients and friends and receive $10 when they sign up. They receive 100 tokens!

Refer Your Fellow Instructors:
Add all your FitPro friends to Recess and receive $50 after they start to teach!

Check out our YouTube channel for more helpful videos. We always adding more to showcase new features.

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